Bamboo Table FAQ's

Bamboo Table Plate

Why did we choose bamboo?

Bamboo is a naturally sustainable plant and it grows quickly without need for special irrigation or fertilization. The main difference from bamboo and other plants is that bamboo is not uprooted, it's just cut down (like grass) and then regrows. Generally it takes about 6 years per full harvest.

What are the pro's of using bamboo fiber?

The grounds that we use are offcuts from furniture making. Usually these chunks would be burned and released into the atmosphere. We instead are locking away that carbon into the product.

What type of machinery is used in our production?

Instead of building new machines we use repurposed old machines that have gone defunct. This saves on materials, energy, and transport of new machine construction. 

How does this dinnerware break down?

The back of our plates, trays and bowls are open with the natural bamboo color & this is how our dinnerware is able to biodegrade once it is properly disposed of in a landfill (see picture)! Products return to the environment after 20 years in a land fill. The ocean will have similar effects on the material reducing the plastics that are currently choking its ecosystems. This solves the massive landfill space and pollution problem that traditional plastics are causing. Traditional plastics can take thousands of years to degrade and will be left as a hazard for many generations to come.