Our 5 Favorite Summer Theme Party Ideas


Figure Skater

1. A Party of Olympic Proportions

The Olympics have returned, and we could not be more excited to cheer on Team USA! We love celebrating the Olympics with a party that honors our favorite athletes (ahem - Simone Biles) with games, medals for prizes, and more. For a special touch, celebrate with some popular foods from Tokyo!
Check out this schedule to plan your party around your favorite Olympic events!



2. Bridgerton Bash
Shonda Rhimes brought us the diamond of the Netflix season with this amazing adaptation! Host a party worthy of the Ton with regency era-inspired costumes, classical covers of your favorite songs, and decor inspired by your favorite Bridgerton ball.
Our BASH Party Plates are the perfect touch to bring your Bridgerton party to the next level - whether you’re inspired by high tea with the Queen or Lady Danbury’s ball, these plates will bring your party to new heights!

Man dressed up with funny glasses

3. “Dress Like _____”
If you’ve spent any time on TikTok this summer, you’ve probably seen this amazing party theme already! Make your Guest of Honor feel extra special by dressing as THEM. For a twist, guests can all dress as the honoree’s favorite celebrity, musician, color, or other favorite things. The possibilities are endless with this totally customizable (and incredibly fun!) theme.

Gatsby Girl with Champagne

4. Roaring 20’s
Gatsby? What Gatsby? It wouldn’t be a 2021 Theme list without a Roaring 20’s party! Celebrate in Great Gatsby style with Art Deco-inspired decor, champagne, and classic black and gold touches. Need some help? Our Party Boxes are the perfect way to get the job done quickly!

Hawaiian Dancer

5. Around The World
Around the world and back again - we’ve missed traveling so much! Celebrate your dream post-COVID travel destinations with this fun “around the world” theme. From the beaches of Hawaii to the rolling hills of the French countryside - honor each location with your favorite foods and decor inspired by the sights of your dream vacation spots. Elevate your party with travel inspired invitations to bring this theme to life before the party even begins!
Feeling inspired? Let us bring these themes to life for you! Bash New York has everything you need from pre-made Party Boxes to elevated tablescapes and decor.
Contact us to help elevate your BASH! Not quite ready to plan? No problem! Check us out on Instagram for more inspiration for your next Bash!

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