A Guide to Buying Him the Perfect Gift


Well, you know the saying goes, “the best gifts are free,” but you might also want to get your hubby something special to show him your love and appreciation. Many men use the phrases “you don’t have to get me anything” or “I don’t know what I want.” Well, that's just unhelpful. If you don’t have that problem, consider yourself lucky! 

Check out our guide below to get some great tips and ideas: 

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Tip one:

What are his hobbies? Maybe sports, reading, working out, cars, cooking, and base your gift off of that. 

Tip Two: 

Where does he like to go? Think of restaurants, sporting events, parks, workout classes, vacations, and buy him a ticket, or make it a fun date for the two of you. 

Tip Three:

What does he need? Maybe he’s running low on his favorite Whiskey, or he ripped a hole through his favorite jeans. Do some snooping for yourself or causally ask him to get ideas. 


We sifted through our products for a shortcut guide to giving that perfect gift. 

A Man Cooking

The at Home Chef

Our Store: 

Luxury Cooking Salt Gift Set Fondue SetWood Cooking Stand for Ipad

Luxury Salt Gift Set, Fondue Set, or Wood Tablet Cooking Stand

Other ideas: Think of cookware he needs, like cooking utensils, cooking electronics, blenders, electric thermometer, or baking sheets. Get him grilling utensils, steak cuts, barbecue, or spices if he's a griller. Or make his favorite meal or dessert and spare him the cooking.


Man Looking at wine

Wine Snob

Our store:

Lazy Susan with Glass Cork Preview Mounted Black Wine RackWood Wine Flight Board

Lazy Susan: Cork Display, Align Wall-mounted Wine Rack, or Wood Wine Flight Board

Other ideas: Buy a bottle of his favorite wine and some cheese and crackers to pair with it. New wine glasses, wine book, or take him to a local wine tasting.

Guy at a Party

Life of the Party 

Our Store:

Jenga-like drinking game Chess shot drinking game  Drinking Dice

Stack Group Drinking GameGlass Chess Shot Game, or Drinking Dice

Other Ideas: Take him out for a night on the town. Throw him a surprise party, and to make it extra special choose a “theme.” Some theme ideas: 007, Star Wars, Gatsby, 80’s, or a Toga Party. 

Man maxing a drink

For the Mixologist

Our Store:

Full bar set 6 Shot Glass dispenser Stainless Steel Rocket Cocktail Shacker

Stainless Steel Complete Bar Set, Shot Glass Dispenser, or Rocket Cocktail Shaker

Other ideas: Buy him drink mixers and garnishes that he can use to make his favorite cocktails. See if they are any fun local mixology classes and you can both go there on a date. 


Man drinking a Whiskey

Cigar and Whiskey Aficionado

Our Store:

Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set Whiskey Glass With Cigar Holder Whiskey Decanter


The Gentleman's Set- Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Holder Whiskey Glass, or Airplane Whiskey Decanter Globe Set.

Other ideas: Purchase his favorite whiskey and cigars and have it ready for him. Get him a whiskey subscription so he can try different types. Buy a book on whiskey or take him to a whiskey bar or cigar. 

Guy putting up The Mancave sign

The Mancave

Our Store: 

Geer and Wheel Wine Rack  Flask Hidden inside of a book Horseshoe Wine Rack

Gears and Wheels Wine Rack, Survival Book 5oz Sneaky Flask, or Horseshoe 3 Bottle Wine Rack 

Other Ideas: Buy him a painting or a his favorite sport team memorabilia for the Mancave. A nice photo of you two (aw) or of his family/friends. Look into getting him a comfortable chair for his man cave, or hook him up with his favorite video game or a new book. 

Men on a golfcourse

The Golfer

Our Store:

Silicon Golf Ball Ice Maker Insulated Wine Bottle Carrier

 Golf Ball Silicon Ice Mold, Waterproof and Insulated Grab and Go Bottle Carrier 

Other ideas: His golfing buddies will get a kick out of the ice cube golf balls. The insulated bag is good if he like to take something to drink with him on the course. Or golf ideas are custom golf balls made with his initials, golf tee’s, or golf attire. 



Lastly, don't stress, it's the thought that counts. He will love whatever you decide to get him.  Don't forget to purchase a card and write something heartfelt or maybe a funny inside joke. 

We hope this gift guide helps. Leave us your thoughts or comments below. 



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