8 Epic Cheese Boards Ideas for Your Next Party

Cheese board with 3 cheeses and writing in chalk

Wood and Slate Cheese Board- Bash New York

We love a cheese board--it’s such a great way to provide your guests with a wide variety of flavors and textures to enjoy. Whether you consider yourself a charcuterie expert or like to keep it simple, we’re sure you’ll love these 8 epic cheese board ideas!

 If creating your own cheese board feels overwhelming, don’t worry! Bash New York is here to support your party planning needs with a gorgeous variety of products to fit your needs, style, and budget.

Bite Sized Fun

Wine glass with Wine topper

Wine Glass Topper- Bash New York

Take the idea of pairing wine and cheese to a new level with individual wine glass topper appetizer plates. These adorable wine glass toppers are a perfect way to introduce your guests to new flavor combinations!

Your guests will be wowed by your pairings of wine with the perfect cheese, crackers, and toppings. Take the guesswork out of appetizer pairings, and let your guests explore a variety of pre-planned combinations.

Make It a Game Night



Wine Tasting Game


 Wine Tasting Game- Bash New York

The cheese board is just one element of the party when you pair your cheese with a wine tasting game! Your local specialty grocery store and the Bash team can help you develop the perfect cheese board spread to pair with your mystery wines. This is the perfect party plan for a housewarming with your foodie friends!

Get Adventurous


Beautiful Cheese Board


Instagram Post- @allthingspartpretty

You can never go wrong with a classic cheese and cracker board, but it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. Take a look around your favorite local specialty food shop and find an item you’ve never tried before. Use that as an inspired starting point to create an epic cheese board full of fun, new, adventurous flavors!


This could be anything from a unique fruit to a specialty jam, or maybe even an herbed cheese spread you’ve been eyeing for a while. Make that adventurous item the focal point to design an epic cheese board for you and your guests.

Warm It Up


Slate Cheese Board
Slate Cheese Board- Bash New York

Cheese boards are typically associated with cold or room temperature items, but why not mix things up? Pair your classic charcuterie favorites with something new. A warm cheese dip or spread can warm things up for the cooler weather and surprise your guests with a fun new twist on charcuterie.


Wood Cheese Board

Acacia Wood Cheese Board- Bash New York

Think Seasonally

Celebrate the flavors of the season! Whether it’s summer strawberries or toasted pumpkin seeds--seasonal flavors are always sure to please your guests. Design your cheese board to make seasonal flavors the star. Once you’ve found the perfect seasonal item, choose complementary fruits, spreads, cheeses, and crackers to build an epic cheese board your guests are sure to love. 

Lastly, change up your board to coordinate with the season. Check out our Acacia Wood Cheese Board, it's gives off some great fall and winter vibes! 

Travel the World

Fiesta Style Cheese Board

Fiesta Cheese Board- @allthingspartypretty

Travel the world from your kitchen! Peruse the international aisle of your grocery store, explore travel videos on YouTube, or throw a dart at a map--challenge yourself to explore the flavors and offerings of a new place. Design your cheese board around international cuisine of a place you haven’t yet been. It’s a fun way to share your sense of adventure with your friends and family, and try something new together. Who knows, you may even find a new favorite appetizer!

Keep It Simple

Lunchable Cheese Display

Lunchable Cheese Display- Event OTB

Have you ever heard someone call charcuterie an “adult lunchable”? We have! Lean into this fun and whimsical comparison by keeping your presentation simple. Elevate the “adult lunchable” with sophisticated flavors to mimic your guests’ favorite lunchable items. This style cheese board would make the perfect addition to a 90’s theme party!

Get Inspired By Your Cheese Board Set Up

Whale Acacia Wood Cheese Board- Bash New York

We’ve talked a lot about being inspired by particular flavors, but what about finding inspiration from the board itself?! You may be inspired to create a seaside cheese board with this fun Whale Board, or be drawn to earthier flavors with this beautiful woodsy board. At Bash New York, we love a good theme to help you bring your epic cheese board and epic party ideas to life!

You’ve Got An Epic Cheese Board Idea, What Next?

You’ve done your research, picked your perfect items, and put together your dream cheese board. What do you do now?!

Hooray All-inclusive Party Set 

Hooray All-inclusive Party Box- Bash New York

Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Let Bash New York take care of the rest with our selection of  All-Inclusive Party Box Sets. Our party box sets take the stress out of decorating and let you focus on the details that are most important to you. Once you’ve set up the box you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your guests.

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